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Desiccant Masterbatch

TIME:2020-10-29 HOT:

Product introduction

1. Technical parameter:
Carrier PE/PP
Content of CaO 75-80%
Color White/ black/ grey
Water absorption rate ≥20%
MFI (21.6KG/190ºC) 35-50g /10mim
Melting point 140ºC-200ºC
Phase fusibility PE/PP/PVC/ ABS
2.Using Method: Stir desiccant master batch and the damp plastic raw material uniformly, then produce product. For example, for blown film production, the addition ratio is 1%-2%. For sheet and injection molding production, the ratio is 2%-5%. For pipe production, add 2%-5%. The specific production should be added according to the moisture content of the plastic.
3.Note: 1. The master batch should be avoided moisture absorption before use.
          2. It is best to use with ingredients immediately.
          3. It should not be heated and dried with damp plastic to avoid poor quality during
4. Check the packaging is whether intact or not before opening the package and seal
packaging of unused master batch as soon as possible.