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Black Masterbatch

TIME:2020-10-16 HOT:

Product introduction
Black Masterbatch

Black Masterbatch
Carrier PE
Addition Rate 2%~10%
Color Black
Melting Flow Index 14-20g/10min
Moisture Content <0.05%
Migration Resistance ≥5
Light Resistance ≥4
Heat Resistance ≥4
Melting Point 105-180ºC
Carbon black content 37%
Product advantages:
1. High concentration of pigment
2. Excellent dispersion, good heat-resistant, high color fastness, stable performance and shows bright color
3. Non-toxic, environmental-friendly
4. Compatible with various material PE/PP/PS/ABS etc.
5. Wide application: Blow moulding, blowing film, injection moulding, extrusion, spin-dyeing, cable sheathing, etc.
6. Range of industrial application: Office automation, household appliances, film and packing material, textile, sheet, pipe, medical appliances, toys and so on