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Transparent Filler Masterbatch

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Product introduction
Transparent Filler Masterbatch
Technical parameter:

ITEMS Nominal Value  Unit
Specific Gravity  0.95~1.14
Melt Mass-Flow Rate(MFR)(190ºC/10.0kg) <15 g/10min
Color Content 20-80 %
Moisture Content <0.15 %
Standard Reference Pantone
Grain Diameter(mm) 2.5-2.8
Production Temperature 150-180ºC
Mobility Resistance 5
Light Fastness Grade 4-8
Migration Resistance ≥4
Heat Resistance ≥4
Add Ratio 2%-10%
Product characterist:
1. The masterbatch has good plasticization and stable performance, and will not be plasticized in long-term use.
2. Masterbatch has good fluidity, which is helpful to plasticize and disperse.
3. Masterbatch has good pulling force, and its transverse and longitudinal pulling force is better than other types of
4. Material dispersed well, powder selection is reasonable, will not blossom or appear foggy.
5. Increase the feel of shopping bags.
Good quality and wide use, especially suitable for membrane products which need good pull force, such as express bags,
shopping bags, supermarket bags, ordinary packaging film, etc.

Usage method:
When used, it can mix with raw materials evenly without changing any processing flow. Adding 10% - 50% of the product
according to the quantity of the product.

Storage Packaging:
The outer package is made of composite plastic woven bags. The inner package is made of plastic lined bags. The net
weight is 25kg. The storage place should be ventilated, dry and avoid sunshine.