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Tips for developing oxidized polyethylene wax

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Tips for developing oxidized polyethylene wax
We all know that polyethylene wax is widely used because of its excellent properties. What is the difference between oxidized polyethylene wax and polyethylene wax? The difference of oxidized polyethylene wax is that it is a modified wax product containing a polar gene. Its polishing, self repairing and durability are better than those of polyethylene wax and paraffin wax. Meanwhile, the chemical properties of oxidized polyethylene wax are stable, non-toxic and non corrosive. It is more widely used than polyethylene wax. Because of its easy emulsification, it is used in PVC film, profile, pipe, mold release agent, ink, plastic processing, papermaking and other industries. At the same time, in the textile industry, oxidized polyethylene wax microemulsion has strong film-forming ability, and can significantly reduce the friction coefficient of the fiber surface and is used as a smoothing agent; its high melting point can be used as spinning finish or sizing agent, greatly reducing the yarn breaking probability; it can improve the slip of the yarn in the fabric and change the stress condition of the fabric, so it can be used as bursting strength enhancer and fiber of knitted fabrics Strong protective agent and artistic dyeing of anti wrinkle and no iron finish of Weisu fiber woven fabric.