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Iron Oxide Orange

TIME:2020-10-28 HOT:

Product introduction
Iron Oxide Orange
Iron oxide yellow is an important inorganic color pigment,chemical stability,with high hiding power,strong color strength,good  disperion and excellent light resistance,weather resistance.
Fe as Fe2O3, % ≥88.0
Moisture at 105℃, % ≤1.0
Soluble matter in wate, % ≤0.5
PH value 3.0 – 7.0
Particle size (320mesh), % ≤0.3
Oil absorption,  g/100g 25- 35
Strength vs standard,% 98 - 102
Color (Compared with std) Similar /no
High Performance Orange Pigment for the Oil Paint
Main Application:
1)Used for coloring of construction, paints, plastic rubber, printing ink, porcelain, colour asphaltum, paper dyes,etc.
2)The construction material including metope, ground and marble. and the painting material including oil paint, antisepsis, spray, mosaic bricks, for concrete production, bricks used in pavement, colorful tiles,etc.
3)Plastic including thermoset, thermoplasticity plastic coloring, and plastic racetrack,ect.