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Iron Oxide Brown

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Product introduction
Iron Oxide Brown
Item Iron Oxide Brown
Code 686
Appearance Brown Powder
Fe2O3 Content %> 88
105℃ Moisture %≤ 1
Water Soluble Matter %≤ 0.5
45um Residue mesh %≤ 0.3
PH 4-7
Oil Absorption 20-35
Tinting Strength% 95-105
The product application
1) Used in many types of paints, including anti-rust paint, water-soluble indoor/outdoor paints and oil-based paints.
2)Used for dyeing construction materials, such as mosaic bricks, for concrete bricks, pavement, colorful tiles, roofing tiles andman-made marble. Colors for ceramic body.
3) Used in paper industry, esp. rice paper.
4) Used for surface coloration of plastic epoxy floor, color for pitch.
5) Used as a more fade-resistant dye for plastics.
6) Pigment for Cosmetic,
7) Coloring Sugar-coat for medicine tablets.